Spine centers in the U.S. are currently accepting new participants for Simplify™Trial.

If you are experiencing numbness, tingling or pain in your neck, shoulder or arm, these may be symptoms of cervical disc disease.

Simplify Trial evaluates surgical treatment with Simplify Disc, a cervical artificial disc designed to:

  • alleviate pain and restore natural function
  • be used with MRI for most accurate imaging
  • eliminate radiation exposure from CT scans
  • be available in smaller disc heights to treat a wide range of patients

To see if you qualify, or to be connected to a healthcare professional that can answer your questions, Click here

What is Cervical Disc Disease?

What is the cervical spine?

The cervical spine is made up of seven (7) vertebrae, separated by discs that cushion and stabilize the neck and allow it to move smoothly. All discs degenerate over time, which may cause symptoms such as radiating pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your shoulders, arms and hands. These symptoms may have a major impact on your quality of life. If you experience these symptoms you should see your doctor.

What is cervical disc disease?

Cervical disc disease is neck or arm pain and/or a functional or neurological deficit with imaging confirmation of herniated disc, loss of disc height or bony growth. This may create pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots and may occur over time or it can occur after an injury or trauma to the neck ( fig. 1 ).

How do you diagnose cervical disc disease?

Cervical disc disease is diagnosed through medical history, neurological exams and imaging tests (X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography (CT) scans) to visualize the spinal cord and determine the source of neck pain.

MRI is considered by leading spine specialists to be the ideal screening method for evaluation of cervical symptoms, and is preferred to CT because of its ablity to image soft tissue without exposing the patient to radiation. (Sundseth, J. Eur Spine J. 2013)

Do I need surgery?

If physical therapy, medications, or injections fail to provide relief, you may be referred to a spine surgeon for conventional anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), or cervical artificial disc surgery.

ACDF involves removing the damaged disc, and using plates, screws and bone graft to fill in the space, creating a column of bone. While ACDF surgery is effective at eliminating pain, it also eliminates natural motion between vertebrae. Cervical artificial discs, by contrast, are designed to retain natural motion.

fig. 1.

What is Simplify™ Disc?

Simplify™ Disc is a cervical artificial disc designed with materials that work with MRI (fig. 2). to provide superior imaging (fig. 4) and eliminate CT scans

  • The average radiation dose in a cervical spine CT scan is equal to 400 chest X-rays1.
  • Conventional cervical artificial discs are metallic and require CT scans to assess post-operatively
  • Simplify Disc is designed to reduce use of CT scans and spare patients exposure to high-dose ionizing radiation

Simplify Disc is designed to maintain motion


Surgical treatment with Simplify Disc is designed to eliminate metal wear and uses components that can be imaged with MRI


Simplify Disc has the widest range of patient sizes from 4.0 to 6.0mm in height, closely matching average patient cervical disc height


Simplify Disc is built on over 5 years of clinically successful experience in its predecessor disc, in more than 2000 patients

1. Linet, CA Cancer J. Clin 2012

fig. 1 Simplify Disc
fig. 2Simplify Disc Components
fig. 3 Simplify Disc in place
Simplify Disc visable in MRI
Metallic disc not visible in MRI
  fig. 4One Level Cervical MRI
Why should I participate in Simplify Trial?

Why should I consider Simplify Trial participation?

Surgical treatment with Simplify Disc is designed to alleviate neck, shoulder or arm pain caused by cervical disc disease and restore natural motion to your cervical spine. Simplify Disc may provide benefits that are NOT currently available with FDA-approved cervical artificial discs.

  1. Is designed to eliminate invasive CT scans, which expose patients to ionizing radiation equal to 400 chest X-rays
  2. Is designed to eliminate metal wear
  3. Has more available sizes to fit anatomy

What are the Simplify Trial details?

Spine surgery centers in the U.S. are accepting new participants for the Simplify Trial. The study is for Simplify Disc, a non-metallic, MRI-compatible cervical artificial disc and an investigational device.

Where is Simplify Trial being done? NOTE: Only patients within 150 miles of these sites are eligible.

  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Tyler, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Sarasota, FL
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Egg Harbor, NJ
  • Reston, VA

What are the requirements of Simplify Trial?

If you are a qualified patient candidate and choose to join Simplify Trial, you will receive Simplify Disc and all study-related care from a team of spine specialists at one of the trial locations.

The pre-operative screening visit and follow up visits will include X-rays, neurological examination, and questionnaires.

Following your Simplify Disc procedure, you will meet with your study surgeon for a post-operative, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months visit.

After 12 months you will continue to be followed thereafter on an annual basis until follow- up is no longer required by the FDA.

These visits are an important part of the Simplify Trial, as they allow your surgeon to closely monitor your results. You will receive compensation following the completion of most of the study visits.

How do I qualify for Simplify Trial?

How do I qualify for Simplify Trial participation?

If you have been diagnosed with or believe you have cervical disc disease or have been told you require ACDF surgery (fusion) requiring treatment at one level, you may be interested in Simplify Trial.

To see if you might qualify for Simplify Trial, and to get connected directly with the local spine center in your area conducting the trial, you should take the pre-screening questionnaire.

How do I get pre-screening for Simplify Trial?

Click here to take an online questionnaire.

Taking the pre-screening questionnaire allows you to see if you qualify for Simplify Trial. The questionnaire may determine if you meet the key inclusion criteria for Simplify Trial.

What are the next steps?

If you meet the pre-screening criteria, you will be contacted within a few days by your Simplify Trial representative to provide you additional trial information and answer your questions.

Only your local Simplify Trial center can tell you if you are eligible.

Completing the pre-screening questionnaire does NOT obligate you to participate in Simplify Trial. Please consult your physician regarding your potential to participate in Simplify Trial in a center in your area.

Pre-screening Questionnaire

Please complete this pre-screening questionnaire to see if you qualify for Simplify Trial.