What is Simplify® Disc?

Simplify® Disc is a cervical artificial disc designed with materials that work with MRI (fig. 2). to provide superior imaging (fig. 4) and reduce or eliminate use of CT scans


  • The average radiation dose in a cervical spine CT scan is equal to 400 chest X-rays1.
  • Conventional cervical artificial discs are metallic and require CT scans to assess post-operatively
  • Simplify Disc is designed to reduce use of CT scans and spare patients exposure to high-dose ionizing radiation


Simplify Disc is designed to maintain motion


Surgical treatment with Simplify Disc is designed to eliminate metal wear and uses components that can be imaged with MRI


Simplify Disc has the widest range of disc heights from 4.0 to 6.0mm in height, closely matching average patient cervical disc height


Simplify Disc is built on over 5 years of clinically successful experience in its predecessor disc, in more than 2000 patients

1. Linet, CA Cancer J. Clin 2012

fig. 1 Simplify Disc

fig. 2 Simplify Disc Components

fig 4 Simplify Disc visible in MRI

Metallic disc not visible in MRI